Mirror (Ya-Du)

When perfectly
still, only then,
when free to rest,
water seems glass––
doubles the likeness.


What is a Ya-Du?

November 2019 Poem-a-Day Challenge #9

Whitewater (Ae Freslighe)

See the original poem.

Bring pails to the waterfall.
Push them under, hold tightly
If you have the wherewithal––
Current flowing, not lightly:

Undiminished utterly
When our little pails intrude.
Laughter roars, wave revelry:
Away to the sea, renewed.


What is an Ae Freslighe?

Tidal Gravity

Ivan Aivazovski

The moon’s gravity causes the tides.
It pulls the water away from two sides of Earth,
which pushes it toward the other two sides.
Something one sixth the size of our planet
shoves the oceans around.
The movie Interstellar showed what it would be like
if a supermassive black hole was the moon instead.
Waves thousands of feet high make Earth’s puny hurricanes
look like ripples in a puddle.
What if the Radiance descending on the watery tumult
spoke the Moon, spoke Gargantua
(and millions like them across the universe)
into being?
What if that Gravity treated the waters as a nesting hen?



Watery Eyes (Kloang)


Even the tax men could see,
Eyes now watery; “Repent!”
The Baptist’s decree obeyed.
On mission he went to make the way.
Law men, Pharisees, refused
Themselves to lose and be
Kingdom-great; through still-dry
Eyes, they could not see and thus had died.
Hear the Baptist’s call, believe,
And wet your eyes; see now all
Of His righteous deeds reckoned
To you, each and all by Him beckoned.


Someone (Dickson Nocturne)

“Ma’am, may I have a drink?”
Who is He? Does He think
I am someone?
“Why is it You ask me?
Don’t you Jews run and flee
At ‘infidelity’?”
“I am Someone
Who you should have asked first,
And I would quench your thirst
As Jacob’s Son.
At My word, grace-dams burst:
I AM Someone.”



Jesus answered, “If you knew the gift of God, and who is saying to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would ask Him, and He would give you living water” (John 4:10 HCSB).