Not What You Know (Huitain)

Artists’ wisdom: draw what you see,
not what you know. But it’s so hard
trusting not-trusting my brain. Feels
unfaithful, ungrateful, like part
of a conspiracy or war
against myself. Funny enough––
when I listen, even just start,
my eyes get easier to trust.


What is a Huitain?

Beneath His Wings He Shelters Me (Psalm 91)

Common Meter

Beneath His wings He shelters me
And there I will be safe.
He is my God; I trust in Him.
I will call on His name.

I will not fear the hunter’s trap,
Nor deadly sickness’ spread.
No nightmare dark nor arrow bright
Nor enemy I’ll dread.

A thousand fall beneath the plague;
Ten thousand more my war:
It will not reach as far as me
When my God says, “No more!”

His angels charged to guard my way,
To keep me in their grasp.
My feet won’t break on stony ground
But trample lion and asp.


Shieldwall (Rondel)




Forth, to war! The legions we meet:
Sound trumpets, the battle we face!
Serpents to put under our feet
Dragons to slay with sword and mace!

A strong shieldwall stands before me,
Each man, each brother in his place.
Forth to war! The legions we meet:
Sound trumpets, the battle we face!

The bows bent now loosed, arrows streak
Fiery towards us, seeking embrace;
Shafts spent by thousands, all a waste:
The Warrior stands in victory.
Forth, to war! The legions we meet.




Rub Your Eyes (Rondel Grande)

“The One who sent Me is with Me. He has not left Me alonebecause always do what pleases Him” (John 8:29 HCSB).

For I do not understand what I am doingbecause I do not practice what I want to do, but I do what I hate (Romans 7:15 HCSB).


I do what I don’t want to do,
Even when I want to obey;
Sin wars with what I know is true
Its empty horror draws away.
I can’t believe my eyes.

The One sent from Heaven above–
From God the Father’s blessed side–
Always obeys in perfect love
Though, like me, tempted and tried.
I can’t believe my eyes.