Take Hold by the Heart (Saraband)

ring-1484910-639x958“…I will answer him according to his many idols, so that I may take hold of the house of Israel by their hearts” (Ezekiel 14:4-5 HCSB).

Steel and stone, like python’s rhythmic death-waves,
Grip your heart with lust, their muscles flexing;
You will stand before Me, will you be brave?
Rocks and iron, can they turn aside My blow?
Can you withstand My inquiry?
Can you ransom your life with gold?
Can you find even one word to breathe?

Steel and stone assume the graveyard shift,
But earthquakes and angels win out.
I leave stone hollows with rifts
That I may fill them with the stones
That used to live within your chests
And take you by the heart to own
Your love in My true Sabbath rest.



Familiar Surprise (Saraband)

I found myself surprised today,
Though not because of novelty;
I was no huckster’s foolish prey.
A man, once lost, had now been found–
The old, old Story once again–
And in my heart, wonder unbound
That I, too, should be found by Him.


*This is inspired by the testimony of David Wood, available at YouTube. You can follow him on Twitter at @Acts17.

Thanksgiving (Rondel)

Give thanks to God, for He is good;
His hesed endures forever.
In His arms He’ll gladly gather
All His children bought by His blood.

Filling the sin-rent breach He stood
To bring those far off together.
Give thanks to God, for He is good;
His hesed endures forever.

No word, no lie, no somber mood,
No sword, no sin, no guilt can sever
Nor earthly joy please us better
That from His love we should be moved.
Give thanks to God, for He is good;
His hesed endures forever.

Hesed is a common term in the Old Testament, variously translated as “faithful love,” “steadfast love,” “lovingkindness,” etc. It’s covenantal, loyal, persistent love–the kind of love God has for His people and enables them to have for Him and one another.


Astronomy (Saraband)

O Yahweh, Maker of all things,
You Yourself s     t       r        e         t          c         h        e       d out the heavens.
You are with cherubim-song ringed.

O Wave-Treader, O Star-Namer,
Commander of celestial hosts:
Who am I to have such favor
That You would deign to bring me close?

A Saraband is a musical dance form, originally Asian, that was introduced to Spain and later France and Italy.