Put In Their Place (Rondel Grande)

Put In Their Place (Rondel Grande)

After all, we have slaves drawn from every corner of the world in our households, practicing strange customs, and foreign cults, or none––and it is only by means of terror that we can hope to coerce such scum.


From the farthest reaches, they’re here:
Brought by our magnetic power,
Yielding to our swords’ flashing steel,
Beneath our whips’ bite they cower,
Seen as scum of the earth.

How they resist our clear commands!
O the terrors we have to use
To keep these savages’ vile hands
At work, lest our treasures we lose,
Seen as scum of the earth.


What is a rondel grande?

Heat Waves (Rondel Grande)

Heat Waves (Rondel Grande)

vertical waves’ invisible
rock thrown in the heat of its strength;
its tsunamis’ irascible,
mirage-dancers running at length,
bending the atmosphere

mountains quivering and shaking––
infrared fury burning hot;
celestial coals set blazing
by the fiery wrath of God,
bending the atmosphere


What is a rondel grande?

Wish Fulfillment (Rondel Grande)

“Ask for your heart’s desire,” you say,
“and I will, each and ev’ry one
grant, fulfill, bequeath, and pay
until the last detail is done.”
So what should I request of him?

What now would be my heart’s desires?
What should they be, should they become?
When at the judgment’s trying fires
Will more than ash be all their sum?
So what should I request of him?


What is a Rondel Grande?

Aim (Rondel Grande)




Victory is won! O gladness
That comes when heart’s desires are met
With riches and gold crowns is blessed,
Before the King length of days set.
We will sing of Your might!

The field is filled with fellèd foes
Whom the fire of Your wrath consumes;
Their plans break at face-aimed arrows
And all that remains is burnt plumes.
We will sing of Your might!


Rub Your Eyes (Rondel Grande)

“The One who sent Me is with Me. He has not left Me alonebecause always do what pleases Him” (John 8:29 HCSB).

For I do not understand what I am doingbecause I do not practice what I want to do, but I do what I hate (Romans 7:15 HCSB).


I do what I don’t want to do,
Even when I want to obey;
Sin wars with what I know is true
Its empty horror draws away.
I can’t believe my eyes.

The One sent from Heaven above–
From God the Father’s blessed side–
Always obeys in perfect love
Though, like me, tempted and tried.
I can’t believe my eyes.