It’s foolishness to think
Making sacrifices is enough to
Please God, as though the
One who allows the
Sun to rise in the east and
Set in the west
Is starving for food or attention like a
Baby squalling for momma.
Look at His magnificent radiance,
Enveloped in storm clouds and fire.

What could you possibly bring,
Infinitesimal though it may be,
That He would accept?
How could He want anything
Out of weak, nanoscopic
There is a sacrifice He will accept:

Full-hearted, raucous thanksgiving,
Acknowledging His mercy and goodness
In all He gives, especially His glad welcome
To all who throw off everything for



April 2019 Poem-a-Day Challenge

Day 1: Curtains Up (Clogyrnach)

Day 2: Downhill From Here (Gogyohka)

Day 3: Complex Complement (Cywydd Llosgyrnog)

Day 4: Fridge-Worthy (Rannaigheact Mhor)

Day 5: Robbery (Cyrch a Chwta)

Day 6: After Riding (Gwawdodyn)

Day 7: Greener (Rispetto)

Day 8: Luck Runs Out (Blackout Poem)

Day 9: Delayed Introductions

Day 10: Don’t Go It Alone (Ovillejo)

Day 11: To Lefty (Ottava Rima)

Day 12: The Art of Hanging On (Kloang)

Day 13: Now That It’s Done (Dickson Nocturne)

Day 14: Tennessee

Day 15: Soothsayer (Tennyson)

Day 16: Catch His Eye (Spenserian Stanza)

Day 17: Fight or Flight (Octodil)

Day 18: Little Children (Gwawdodyn)

Day 19: Carded

Day 20: Raskolnikov Awakes (Sacred Signia)

Day 21: Drawn (Treochair)

Day 22: Secret Legacy

Day 23: Truly Free (Luc Bat)

Day 24: Complete Turnaround

Day 25: O Rodya, Rodya

Day 26: When the Evening Comes (Rondine)

Day 27: Follow (Terza Rima)

Day 28: Gardener (Erasure Poem)

Day 29: Scared Again (Rannaigheact Mhor)

Day 30: Pattern (Diatelle)

Pattern (Diatelle)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #30 (Two for Tuesday): Stop/Don’t Stop

us to
pray like You.
Lesson one: “When.”
It’s a pattern you do.
Deep need and love make it happen.
You learn, and your heart matches words spoken
And even when words fail, wordless groans can still reach
The ears of the temple-throned, side-riven
King who knows and loves ere bidden.
Mercy begged, given anew,
from Lord and Friend
who prayed, too,
That you



What is a Diatelle?

Soothsayer (Tennyson)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #15: Prediction Poem

The majestic lady with callused hands
Whose heart is softer than her self-made dress
Is not a fortune-teller out to impress
Or swindle but a gardener out to plant.
Listen to her.

Mockers and admirers alike confuse
Her crops for the tools of soothsayers’ trade;
She dabbles with no Endorian shade,
But offers wisdom that ever buds and blooms.
Listen to her.



What is a Tennyson?

When the Evening Comes (Rondine)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #26: Evening Poem

When the evening comes and the light fades,
the heart’s curtains are drawn; its candle dims.
A heavy cloak draws around wounded limbs;
dew beads on the ground, watering the shades
that emerge like weeds that come out to play
when the evening comes.

No dressing or salve applied in the light
of day to ward from fever’s red-flushed heat
means a festering aching will deplete
the health and clarity of solar flight
when the evening comes.



What is a Rondine?