Friction (Sweetbriar)

Friction (Sweetbriar)

See the companion piece Friction (Etheree).

Opposites clash.
Slow, abrasive,
each its ammunition:
napalm throws sparks,
filling the location.

Relentless strife,
shoving, pushing,
its predisposition
to pull down and back
the prolonged collision.


What is a sweetbriar?

April 2020 Poem-a-Day Challenge #25

Big Brother (Rannaigheact Mhor)

Big Brother (Rannaigheact Mhor)

Grace does not destroy nature, but perfects it

(Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Ia. q. 1, a. 8, ad2)

Winston’s frog-marched affections:
forced infection to weaken
resistance to subjection,
to life and reason cheapened.

But grace woos, pleads, and perfects:
it needs no mean coercion;
delight and love it effects,
expects to bear the burden.


What is a rannaigheact mhor?

April 2020 Poem-a-Day Challenge #24