Adventure (Cyhydedd Naw Ban)

Put your hand to the circular door;
Step out of the safety of the hole.
Invisible G-runes, like notched trees,
Unbeknownst yet inexorably
Driving toward forests and stone trolls,
Glittering Arkenstone, untold more.

The womb-warm Shire remembered, behind,
Yet further ahead at journey’s end.


What is a Cyhydedd Naw Ban?

The Art of Hanging On (Kloang)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #12: Art of __________

It’s not science     to keep
Holding; gravity     expends
All its energy      to pull
Down, experience     the fall in full.

Science calculates     friction,
Mass, height, inertia:     Your fate
Computed, vision      clearing.
Cold data awaits,     no help appearing.

Hanging on is art:      to see
Hope when all is bleak,     apart
From math, data. Be     stronger
With gifted love, thwart     gravity longer.


What is a Kloang?


No Training Wheels (Russell)

Balance and velocity synchronized:
Steady with the hands, alternate both feet.
Full body coordination the prize:
Locomotion, two-wheeled.

The battle is to trust the two pedals
And let physics work against gravity;
A fall defied by bent, spinning metal––
Sometimes, asphalt meets knee.

But then, it clicks; it all falls into place;
The wind fills the sails, the rudder aligned.
The breeze picks up speed, blows full in the face
That can’t help but smile.


What is a Russell?

I Can’t, I Just Can’t

There’s a paradox of emotions
watching a master ply his trade:
wonder, mixed with envy, all
cobbled together with frustration.
That person can do it.
I can’t, I just can’t.

Tommy Emmanuel can play guitar
better one-handed than I can
with both hands on my best day.
He mixes rhythm and melody together.
He can play two things at once.
I can’t, I just can’t.

All of these amazing writers churn out
songs and poetry of amazing quality.
Pithy, poignant, powerful poems,
the final products polished and pristine.
They can write good.
I can’t, I just can’t.

It’s true: I’m not Chet-Atkins-endorsed CGP
like Tommy Emmanuel.
It’s true: I’m not a published poet or produced lyricist.
My name is not on book covers or album liner notes.
But I’m not as bad as I used to be.
I’m not, I’m just not.