The Ones Who Wait To See (Empat Empat)

The Ones Who Wait To See (Empat Empat)

The ones who wait to see aren’t blind,
their torch can only reach so far:
the next few paces ahead find
rocks, roots, and holes to stumble o’er.

Many insist on seeing now;
the ones who wait aren’t blind.
The ones who put their hands to plow
dare not to even glance behind.

The eyes of their hearts are inclined
to strive and strain to pierce the dark.
The ones who wait to see aren’t blind;
they fear only to miss the mark.

They do not yet have blood-tipped hands
whose fingertips the Scars outline;
they shall see when they reach the land.
The ones who wait to see aren’t blind.


What is an empat empat?

April 2020 Poem-a-Day Challenge #10

Shape (Chueh-chu)

Shape (Chueh-chu)

The finished forms we memorize
then take up ink to draw their lines:
wobbly, disproportionate, bent;
far from perfect after many tries.

We ourselves live just the reverse:
our jagged angles and mismatched sides
slowly conform to straight-edge plane
and stretch to meet protractor’s guide.


What is a chueh-chu?


The Art of Hanging On (Kloang)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #12: Art of __________

It’s not science     to keep
Holding; gravity     expends
All its energy      to pull
Down, experience     the fall in full.

Science calculates     friction,
Mass, height, inertia:     Your fate
Computed, vision      clearing.
Cold data awaits,     no help appearing.

Hanging on is art:      to see
Hope when all is bleak,     apart
From math, data. Be     stronger
With gifted love, thwart     gravity longer.


What is a Kloang?


No Training Wheels (Russell)

Balance and velocity synchronized:
Steady with the hands, alternate both feet.
Full body coordination the prize:
Locomotion, two-wheeled.

The battle is to trust the two pedals
And let physics work against gravity;
A fall defied by bent, spinning metal––
Sometimes, asphalt meets knee.

But then, it clicks; it all falls into place;
The wind fills the sails, the rudder aligned.
The breeze picks up speed, blows full in the face
That can’t help but smile.


What is a Russell?