Safari Symphony

Safari Symphony

“Pjevaš kao da ti je slon prdnuo u uho.”

“You sing like an elephant farted in your ear.”


There’s rhythm to a stampede:
the rumble, the thunder,
the booming percussion
of ten-ton gray hooves
pounding the dust as timpani.

There’s melody to the call:
the serpentine trumpet sounding
warnings or wooings
that beckon or frighten—
the savannah’s brass.

Not you.

The southbound tuba
of a northbound elephant
percusses its own melody,
and in your ears—
yours alone

it’s music.


NaPoWriMo #22

Heavy Metal (Amphion)

Heavy Metal (Amphion)

Man Told To Turn Down Music Chased Neighbor With Sword: Police (Huffington Post)

Who wants to listen quietly?
The bass thumps,
windows jump––
that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
Who would dare
Try impair
music pumping through my player?
Grab my blade,
Push the fade,
Remember, I listen to Slayer.


What is an amphion?

NaPoWriMo #7

Movement (Spenserian Stanza)

Striking with bare hands or blunt objects,
The lung-gales laying low both reeds and trees––
The synchrony of limbs for one subject
Battle voices lifted in harmony.
Plans and maps of movements lay out the scene,
When and how and where and whom are able.
Percussion, rhythm made by moving feet.
Orchestration of all: incomparable.
Melody and movement are inseparable.


What is a Spenserian Stanza?


Common Meter (

The cadence and the rhythm built
In nature by design
Will by all things one day be felt
In harmony sublime.

The music of Iluvatar
That sang the world to be
Will finish with a finer chord,
Resolve the melody.

E’en Bach with all his symphonies
Could ne’er weave such a tune
As the Composer masterfully
Creates upon His loom.

He fits each instrument, each piece
In perfect sound and place
So the perfect finished release
Surrounds like an embrace.


Prompt (see the companion piece)


The satisfying, terrifying metallic cadence
of racking a shotgun;
The slide of a pistol clicking into place
as a fresh round chambers;
The rasp of a sword leaping from its scabbard
to glint and guard and gash;

The push-button remoteness of planes and tanks
sending ordnance at unseenly distant foes;
The incendiary horrors of missiles and bombs
exploding in shrapnel and shock;
The corporeal shove of cannon rending
ground and sky with manmade thunder and lightning;

All these cower
whimpering, inadequate,
Outmannd and outgunned
Before superior armament
Disguised in weakness:


The Devising of Things More Wonderful




Then Ilúvatar spoke, and he said: ‘Mighty are the Ainur, and mightiest among them is Melkor; but that he may know, and all the Ainur, that I am Ilúvatar, those things that ye have sung, I will show them forth, that ye may see what ye have done. And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined.’

— Tolkien, The Silmarillion, 6.

“You planned evil against me; God planned it for good to bring about the present result—the survival of many people” (Genesis 50:20 CSB).

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28 CSB).