Justification (Haiku)

Bound, chains and shackles;
Sentence overturned by One:
Time already served.



Putting Words in My Mouth (Luc Bat)

You say things I don’t dare:
Each word chosen with care, but still.
It’s not me; never will,
never has been. A hill too steep
for anyone; a peak
too high to reach. The thing
is, You love bringing me
Your very own phrasing…for You.


What is a Luc Bat?

Out of Nowhere


Psalm 14 famously begins, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There’s no God'” (14:1 CSB). Unfortunately, we are usually quick to assume the Psalm is speaking of militant atheists and miss the powerful effect of the David’s masterful writing.

As it turns out, David doesn’t let us sing about those atheist fools over there. No one escapes getting branded a fool. In fact, he even plays up the drama by having God look down from heaven “to see if there is one who is wise, one who seeks God” (14:2 CSB). Where is the righteous man of Psalm 1? Does such a one exist on Planet Earth?


All have turned away;
all alike have become corrupt.
There is no one who does good,
not even one (14:3 CSB).

This is so stupid, David screams. “Will evildoers [which, by this point, he’s shown to be everybody] never understand?” (14:4 CSB). Wicked sinners are more interested in consuming people for their own cravings and desires, rather than trusting in the Triune God and calling on Him.

Thus far, the entire human race has been shown to be completely corrupt and unrighteous. Even God can’t find one single righteous person.

That’s why verse 5 comes out of nowhere:

Then they [i.e., the wicked] will be filled with dread,
for God is with those who are righteous (CSB).

Where have these righteous people come from? David just got through saying there aren’t any!

Out of the entirety of sinful humanity, those who take refuge in the LORD become righteous as His gift. They’re no better or more worthy than any of the oppressors and corrupt sinners––they’re just like them!

Taking refuge in the LORD is trusting in His promise of deliverance that comes from Zion: David’s own Son who will reign forever; the Suffering Servant who bears the sins of many, yet having no sin of His own; the Shepherd of the people who is struck in the place of His sheep.

When He comes, “let Jacob rejoice; let Israel be glad” (14:7 CSB) indeed!

Rub Your Eyes (Rondel Grande)

“The One who sent Me is with Me. He has not left Me alonebecause always do what pleases Him” (John 8:29 HCSB).

For I do not understand what I am doingbecause I do not practice what I want to do, but I do what I hate (Romans 7:15 HCSB).


I do what I don’t want to do,
Even when I want to obey;
Sin wars with what I know is true
Its empty horror draws away.
I can’t believe my eyes.

The One sent from Heaven above–
From God the Father’s blessed side–
Always obeys in perfect love
Though, like me, tempted and tried.
I can’t believe my eyes.


Watery Eyes (Kloang)


Even the tax men could see,
Eyes now watery; “Repent!”
The Baptist’s decree obeyed.
On mission he went to make the way.
Law men, Pharisees, refused
Themselves to lose and be
Kingdom-great; through still-dry
Eyes, they could not see and thus had died.
Hear the Baptist’s call, believe,
And wet your eyes; see now all
Of His righteous deeds reckoned
To you, each and all by Him beckoned.


When the Living God Looks at Us


The whole Christian gospel could be summed up in this point: that when the living God looks at us, at every baptized and believing Christian, He says to us what He said to Jesus on that day [of His baptism]. He sees us, not as we are in ourselves, but as we are in Jesus Christ. It sometimes seems impossible, especially to people who have never had this kind of support from their earthly parents, but it’s true: God looks at us, and says, ‘You are my dear, dear child; I’m delighted in you.’ Try reading that sentence slowly, with your own name at the start, and reflect quietly on God saying that to you, both at your baptism and every day since.

— N.T. Wright, Mark for Everyone, 4.

Roll of the Dice (Tennyson)

With the trek to Joppa, the dice were cast
And I thought I saw sevens when I found
A lucky freighter: it was Tarshish-bound!
The rolling dice said bad fortune was past:
The lot was mine.

The dice were cast with a nap in the hold
Of the storm-rocked crib where I took a nap
Until the pit boss woke me with a slap:
“Call out to your god for rescue, be bold!”
The lot was mine.

The fearful sailors met to cast the dice,
The troublemaker to identify,
To ply him with questions, to find out why
Their ship was assailed by a storm this size:
The lot was mine.

Then the Sovereign whose loaded dice I threw
Resolutely, calmly crossed His own sea
Spent three days and nights beneath
Then rose again to proclaim the Good News:
“The lot was mine.”


Joshua (Sevenelle)

I stand before the Holy Room,
And condemnation o’er me looms.
For Satan, standing at my right,
Points out the obvious in sight:
The filthy robes which are my plight.
And Jesus says, “Pay him no mind;
I take your robes and give you Mine.”

“I choose Jerusalem for Me;
I gladly make My people free.
I shield you from his flaming darts;
My righteousness now guards your hearts.
He will at last from you depart.”
And Jesus says, “Pay him no mind;
I take your robes and give you Mine.”

“The temple veil has now been torn:
With raised right hand, an oath I swore
As priest, for you to intercede;
Sufficient is My blood to plead,
And Satan’s lies no longer heed.”
And Jesus says, “Pay him no mind;
I take your robes and give you Mine.”


Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire
Zechariah 2-3

Shout for joy and be glad, O Zion
Lift up your shame-heavy face
I will come in My power and glory
Let all the earth be amazed,
Stand silent and be amazed.

I will be a wall of fire around you
I will be the glory within
Walls can’t contain all of My blessings
When I come and enter in
When I come and enter in

Satan’s accusations are over
All your filthy clothes are gone
I have clothed you in splendid garments
And welcomed you into My home
And welcomed you into My home

I will be a wall of fire around you
I will be the glory within
Walls can’t contain all of My blessings
When I come and enter in
When I come and enter in

Shout for joy and be glad, O Zion (I will be a wall of  fire around you)
All your filthy clothes are gone (I will be the glory within)
I will come in My power and glory (Walls can’t contain all of My blessing)
And welcome you into My home (When I come and enter in)
Let all the earth be amazed. (When I come and enter in)

Hello, my name is…

The remembrance of the righteous is a blessing,
but the name of the wicked will rot. Proverbs 10:7 HCSB

A good name is to be chosen over great wealth;
favor is better than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1 HCSB

I remember having a wooden plaque painted like a baseball hanging in my room as a kid. It had my name in big letters and Proverbs 22:1 written out underneath. I think it may have even had “crowned one” underneath my name (stephanos is the Greek name for Stephen/Steven and means “crowned one,” or so it claimed).

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