Simplicity #3 (Etheree)

are like our
country: we are
one big melting pot,
e pluribus unum.
We are one, made of many.
We gain, lose, worsen, and improve,
but we still remain the same person.
You can’t change anything and still be You.



Get Out of Debt (Etheree)



can I
offer You
in payment for
the debt I’ve incurred?
You finance my debt by
serving me salvation’s cup,
filling my mouth with the sweet wine
of Your Name; the glory payment plan
never even touches the principal.


What am I to return to Yahweh
for all His full recompense to me?
The cup of full salvation I will take,
and on Yahweh’s name I will call (Psalm 116:12-13 Motyer).

A striking reply! Asking what am I to give back, he replies ‘I will take.’ Our true response always is first to receive what Yahweh gives. He fills the cup, we take it (Motyer, 325n36).