Magnificat (Cro Cumaisc Etir Casbairdni Ocus Lethrannaigecht)

My soul with joy magnifies
The great God who saves.
My low estate testifies
To favor and grace.

From now on, all consider
Me above all blessed;
He who’s holy forever
Has surpassed the rest.

He shows Himself merciful
To those who fear Him;
Children, too, see multiple
Mighty deeds for them.

He scatters the arrogant,
Deposes proud kings,
Gives food to the expectant,
Fills them with good things.

He helps beloved Israel,
Remembering all
His promises paternal
Through Abraham called.


What is a Cro Cumaisc Etir Casbairdni Ocus Lethrannaighecht?

Benedictus (Cro Cumaisc Etir Casbairdni Ocus Lethrannaigecht)

Jacob’s Stair keeps covenant;
He has raised our horn:
He has sent us redemption––
He Himself had sworn.

In age-old words prophetic:
Rescue from our foes.
The promised line dynastic
Fulfills God’s own oath.

We’ll serve God in righteousness,
Gladly all our days,
Welcomed by His cheerfulness
To look in His face.

You, child, are His forerunner,
Heralding His name;
You are His road-straightener
Preparing the way.

For through God’s own compassion,
His Sunlight has shone;
Darkness He will refashion
As Dawn’s light grows.


What is a Cro Cumaisc Etir Casbairdni Ocus Lethrannaigecht?

Do Not Be Afraid (Petrarchan Sonnet)


The herald militant appeared in light
In Wesley’s erstwhile welkin o’er the fold;
The herders’ drowsy darkness now like gold
Shone with the glory of the Lord of Might.
They made to scatter in their dreadful fright,
But lo, the Heav’nly Gospel, long foretold
Was on the angel lips that blessèd night.
The Burning Ones who, blushing, ever fly
Before Him Who Is and Was and Will Be
Now march, their banner-glories are unfurled:
For Him, who viewed, must make the viewer die
Has come as chubby babe both held and seen;
The Virgin holds the Word who made the world.


Glimpse of Empathy (Dorsimbra)

My wife and I have often thought and said,
When seeing our beloved daughter’s grief:
“I would gladly take this for you instead,
If only it might bring you some relief!”

Fear not! Good news is here!
Immanuel–it’s true!
God has come to us!
Glory to God indeed!

I see in my deep love for them a glimpse–
The Greater Father’s love that moves His heart,
The Greater Husband’s devotion and joy–
That blinds me by the wonder of it all.


Destined Song

The sleepy fields, ablaze with holy light,
Joined in the song for which they had been made.
Then glory seen and heard made day from night
And made those poor shepherds very afraid.

“Don’t be afraid,” the Angel proudly called,
“Not wrath but joy I bring to all the earth:
In David’s Town, nearby, in cattle stall–
Good news!–I tell you of Messiah’s birth!”

The highest glory be to God on high,
For peace on earth He gives to sinful men;
For sinners, though unworthy in His sight
Can sing their destined song of praise to Him.