Locksmith (Kloang)

The rasp and file’s scrape     open
securely shut bands     that make
one prisoner, sent     behalf
of the locksmith great:     a child’s free laugh.


What is a Kloang?

Children’s Lessons

There is something about a child that is essential for entrance into the kingdom of God. It is not their innocence, for they are not innocent! They are little sinners just like we are big sinners. Nor is it their purity or that they are sweet. Again, they are sinners with Adam and Eve’s and your and my DNA running throughout their being. …

Children are helpless. Their lives are in the hands of another. Yet, even at a tender age, they seem to be filled with hope and expectation. They don’t know all they need, but they know they need the help of another, and they are hopeful they will receive it. They come small, helpless, and powerless. They have no clout or standing, and they bring nothing but empty hands. This is appropriate since only empty hands can be filled! …

By their display of trust and absolute dependence on another, children point the way to entrance into God’s kingdom. Children have the capacity to enjoy a lot but explain a little. They live by faith and dependence. They must trust another to survive.

Jesus picked up the children. What a picture of amazing gospel grace! He is tender and affectionate to those who bring nothing to Him but their need.

— Danny Akin, Exalting Jesus in Mark, 214-215.