Christmas in Constantinople

(to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”)

Apollinaris of Laodicea
Thought Jesus had lost His human mind
He tried to say his body was like ours
But only His mind was divine

He tried to protect Christ’s Godhood
Like his friend Athanasius
He went too far, this time, for sure
The other direction from Arius
Synods and councils met to figure
What to do with this new teaching
Then in ole Constantinople
Three answered with gospel preaching

The Gregs and Basil, Cappadocian Fathers,
Stopped this mess right there in its tracks
Jesus can’t heal what He don’t have
They stood their ground and didn’t turn back



Christmas at Chalcedon

(to the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Leo the Great
Hated Eutyches’ confusion
They met at Chalcedon
To talk about the Son
And how many 𝜑𝜐𝜎𝜄𝛼.

Emperor Marcian,
Orthodox as he could be,
Convened the Council there
In the October air
To show the truth from heresy.

They would not hear Eutyches say
Divine and human merged,
But when the Council gaveled closed,
Their Definition they urged:

Foll’wing the Fathers,
We all with one consent
Confess one Lord and Son
With the Godhead one,
Like us except for sin.

Truly God and
Truly man, body and soul
Begotten God’s 𝜐𝜄𝜊𝜍
Born of 𝜃𝜀𝜊𝜏𝜊𝜅𝜊𝜍
Two natures does He own.

There must not be confusion in
Divine and human stuff,
But each nature keeps all its own
Properties preserved.

One Person now has
Two natures all unmixed.
Only Begotten Son,
The Word, Beloved One
Upon Him our hopes are fixed.


The Definition of Chalcedon

Anything Good (Psalm 4:6-8)


Many are asking, “Who can show us anything good?”

Let the light of your face
Shine on us, LORD.
You have put more joy
In my heart, in my heart
Than they have when their grain
And new wine abound.

I will both lie down and sleep in peace
I will both lie down and sleep in peace
For you alone, LORD,
Make me live in safety.

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