Look Out of Your Window


Everywhere we look in the world around we should see God. This is very likely contrary to the way we were taught in school. Mechanism reigned supreme! What caused rainfall: why rain bearing clouds were driven higher by mountains—or was it that they dropped lower as the land fell away? I can’t remember, but it was all a matter of cause and effect. River valleys were the result of the movement of glaciers, weren’t they? Or was it water-erosion? Well, Psalm 104 has lovely news for us: whatever ‘tools’ He may or may not have used, God the Creator did it all. Mechanistic explanations of rainfall may well be clever, and speak to us of the wisdom and art of the Creator, but how much more splendidly marvellous it is to say that ‘He waters the hills from His high rooms’! Talk about the food chain? Who set it up but the transcendent God who cares whether lions get their meat? Look at the dark clouds massing and approaching. The Creator is walking towards us. Sentiment tells us we are ‘nearer God’s heart in a garden’—how true, for the garden of Eden shows us He loves horticulture—but His heart is also in sunrise, seed time and harvest, wind, storm, earthquake, thunder. No aspect of ‘nature’ is without the immanent God, just as no part of nature is big enough to contain Him who is exceedingly great, clothed with splendour and majesty, the giver of life and the giver of death, controller of oceans and tides, providing crags for wild goats and foliage for little birds. It is because it is His world that we can live in it with easy minds. We cannot see what may come over the hills tomorrow, but we do know that whatever happens will happen in His world where He rules and reigns (Psalm 121:1-2), and where nothing happens without His say-so. Learn it, my friends, learn it! Learn to look out of your window and see your God.

— Alec Motyer, Psalms by the Day, 293.


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