Homecoming and Outgoing

mark_case_for_jesus_logoIn Mark 6:1-13, we see Jesus come home to Nazareth (6:1-6) and send the disciples on a short-term mission trip in the area (6:7-13).

Jesus’ reception in Nazareth is painfully hostile. Having grown up there, the Nazarenes are so familiar with the Jesus they think they know (“Isn’t this the carpenter?”) that they miss the Jesus who stands before them.

Jesus then sends the Twelve out into the surrounding region to preach, heal, and cast out demons. His instructions are counterintuitive, to say the least: they are to go with no provisions, trusting the providence of God and not themselves. Jesus also prepares them for how to respond when they are treated as He was in Nazareth.

Notes and audio are available (Part 1 and Part 2).


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