Noah, Daniel, and Job (Modified Tennyson)


Dry days of weddings, parties, and soirées
Attended by none who could read the sky;
None attended the darkening clouds’ swell, rise:
They mocked the shipwright who had been giv’n grace.
He couldn’t wash them clean.

Fattening vegetables, uncooking fire
Grew and refined four faithful Hebrew boys
Who did not dance to idle music toys,
Or bow and pray to any other Sire.
From lions they can’t free.

Tornadoes, raiders, disease, and fools’ lies
Compounded the great anguish of his soul;
Yet, even humbled, held on to his hope
That he would see Redemption with his eyes.
On his hurt they can’t lean.

A greater Shipwright offers us a way—
The only way out from the lions’ pit:
He suffers, though no sin did He commit,
That through Him alone we in hope are raised.
In Him now we are seen.



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