Upping the Ante (Mark 5:21-43)

mark_case_for_jesus_logoJesus returns from the Decapolis to Capernaum, where a huge crowd surrounds Him (as usual). A synagogue leader named Jairus breaks through the crowd and falls down before Jesus, begging Him to come and heal his daughter, who is at the point of death. On the way to his house, Jesus stops to heal a woman who had been hemorrhaging for 12 years.

Before they could get underway again, news came that Jairus’ daughter had died. Undeterred (as usual), Jesus pressed on and raised the little girl from the dead.

This passage finishes a section that started in Mark 4:35, where Jesus faces progressively stronger opposition: a storm on the lake, a legion of demons, a 12-year unclean hemorrhage, and then death itself. It is as though the stakes are raised each time, yet each time Jesus proves Himself Lord in them all.

Who else could command storms, armies of demons, disease, and death itself? Who else would be obeyed by them? Who then is this Man, but the Christ, the Son of God?

Notes and audio are available here.


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