9-10 (Chant Royal)


Brutus’ fears and Cassius’ schemes
End in the new, same as the old;
The lowly’s hope a deferred dream,
Desire for light a thing too bold.
Is ambitious evil too great,
Succeeding Caesars for our fate?
Will our paths they light ablaze
In bloody pursuit for always?
Into the deaf pit fall our groans?
Will none for us a banner raise?
Yahweh in righteousness enthroned!

The painted dirks their owners bleed,
Prov’dence’s plans to them untold.
In sudden terror, tyrants scream
And face the Judge’s final scold.
Their boomerang’s arc strikes their pate;
Their foiled plans are the first berate.
Appointment with fear does not delay
When sent from the Ancient of Days.
He makes them know they’re clay, not stone;
Saving saints to secure their praise:
Yahweh in righteousness enthroned!

Never hidden find those who seek
The Name who survives tested gold.
They find His goodness ever green
Who empire’s tapestries He wove.
Thanks to Him should never abate;
New songs and words for Him create!
We long for Him to fill our gaze—
He who from Zion’s mountain reigns!
He who took on our flesh and bone
Is forever to us the same:
Yahweh in righteousness enthroned!

The heart, like children, hopeful, plays
In gladness found no other place.
The proof offered behind rolled stone:
He has declared His Son by name:
Yahweh in righteousness enthroned!



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