Psalm 5 (Elder Edda)


Listen, LORD, to
Loud cries, my King.
I plead my prayer
And patiently wait.
I sacrifice and seek
The sure answer from You.
I watch and wonder
When and how You’ll answer.

You hate the haughty;
You hew low the proud.
You despise the doers
And deeds of evil.
Liars are laid low,
Loathed are blood-painters.
Hope is hollow
for heathen fools.

What mercy—how mighty!—
Made me enter in!
By ḥesed You have
Held me ever fast.
In righteousness ride
The roads I should go;
Clear the connivers
Claiming my head.

Trust is a traitor;
To tell lies is breath.
Flattery fattens
Frail words of death.
Crush the criminals,
crash their plans.
Drive them, destroy
Their dastardly aims.

Rejoice, our Refuge
Resounds with praise!
Shelter those who shout
Shamelessly their love.
You bless the blameless,
Buckler of faith taken up.
Favor falls all round
Fast-held in love.



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