Shield-Shadow (Elder Edda)


Warrior-walls ’round wend,
Weeping to produce.
My bed is the battlefield,
My blanket clamor.
My destiny—great despair—
Determined foes.
“God-forsaken, grace is gone!”
Grievously taunting me.

In shadow of Your shield
I find my shelter.
In love You reach and lift
My languishing head.
Your ears catch the echo
Of my earnest pleas.
You leave their lies
Lifeless for me.

I sleep soundly;
Secure I rise again.
Thousands who throng
Cannot thieve my peace.
Arise, bring wrath
O Royal Blademouth!
Break teeth, bruise cheeks,
Bring them to the dust!

My Sov’reign Savior
Stands in blessing.
Your people praise You
For persistent good.
Cascades shalom.
The day dawns again
To delight in You.



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