Book Review: Answering Jihad

51vdsgwfozlQureshi, Nabeel. Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward.

Last year, I read Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (SAFJ) and found it to be a compelling story of Nabeel Qureshi’s conversion from Islam to Christianity. With clarity and compassion, he spoke with deep respect for his family and heritage, with searching honesty at his struggles, and with insightful commentary at his discoveries about Islam and Christianity.

Now, Qureshi writes Answering Jihad (AJ)tackling 18 of the most common questions he is asked about Islam in general and jihad in particular, especially in the wake of Islamic-related attacks post-September 11.

AJ continues the same spirit of concision, clarity, and deep-rooted compassion that characterizes SAFJ. This is not a book of fear-mongering or alarmism; it is the unvarnished honesty of looking someone in the eye and answering hard questions honestly.

This book is an excellent introduction to the questions and issues that are circling today: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Which Muslims are the “true” Muslims: the violent or peaceful ones? Where did the idea of “jihad” come from?

You can preorder Answering Jihad here, and preordering allows you access to two chapters immediately, plus videos of Nabeel Qureshi discussing the content of those chapters.

NOTE: I was provided an advanced copy of the book as a part of the release team. I was not expected, required, nor pressured to provide a favorable review.


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