Enjoy the Victory


I saw I had nothing to do but enjoy the victory, Christ is engaged to conquer. The victory is obtained by the arm of omnipotence, and we shall, ere long, bear the palm in our hands as a token of it. Till that happy time arrives may it be our constant care and study to live in the fear and to the glory of Him who hath thus loved us, and vanquished our strong enemies for us.

O! it is pleasing, it is comfortable, to view Christ in the field of battle, bearing the weak believer on His shoulder, through whole legions of hellish foes, to the blessed mansions in His Father’s house. Not one of them shall be lost. His Father and our Father is greater than all and none shall pluck one of His sheep out of His hand. O, what a Saviour! O, what a salvation hath God provided for us! Shall we not praise Him! Yes, I hope you and I shall join our songs through the boundless period of eternity, and praising God and the Lamb! ‘Tis all we can render to Him for His marvelous loving-kindness.

— Thomas Charles to Sally Jones, qtd. in Michael Haykin’s The Christian Lover: The Sweetness of Love and Marriage in the Letters of Believers, Kindle Location 491.


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