Mark 1:1-20


We have looked at Mark 1:1-20 over the last two weeks in Sunday School at Grace Community Church.

First, Mark 1:1-13 sets the stage for the entire Second Gospel by showing how everything begins and revolves around God keeping His promises. The Old Testament builds the hope and expectation of Someone who is coming, and in particular, someone will prepare the way for His arrival. Mark describes the fulfillment of all this in the coming of John the Baptist to herald the advent of Jesus.

Then, Mark 1:14-20 gives the transition from the Old Testament prophetic ministry to the new ministry in Jesus Himself.

Throughout Mark, His primary purpose is to force us to see Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God (1:1).

Mark 1:1-13 Notes and Audio

Mark 1:14-20 Notes and Audio


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