Stopped in Their Tracks


The authority in Jesus’ teaching was reminiscent of that of the Old Testament prophets, who prefaced their oracles not by saying, “In my studied opinion. . . .” Rather, the prophets prefaced their announcements by saying, “Thus says the Lord. . . .” But in the synagogue of Capernaum, the Lord Himself, the Word of God incarnate, rose to speak on matters theological. When He opened His holy mouth, all present were stopped in their tracks, filled with amazement, and pierced by a sense of dread to hear the truth proclaimed with such transcendent finality. That is how we should respond every time we hear the Word of God. We are not listening to the word of scribes, preachers, or theologians, so our hearts should be filled with a holy dread and awe when the Bible is proclaimed.

— R. C. Sproul, Mark (Saint Andrew’s Expositional Commentary), 25.

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