Empty Lunch Box (Mathnawi)

Minolta DSC

Which of you morons forgot to bring the bread?
Who got up and left his sense still in the bed?

Watch out, beware, take heed of the rising yeast
Leav’ning the dough of Herod and Pharisee.

Master, we didn’t bring any bread to eat
Before we got in the boat to cross the sea.

Why are you worried about missing a meal?
Have scales covered your eyes? Have your ears been sealed?

How many baskets-full did nine thousand leave?
We picked up, all told, a total of nineteen.

Why would I warn about an empty lunch box,
Not the far greater danger: Herod that fox?

Forgive us, Master, for our hardness of heart;
Of Pharisee-teaching we will take no part.



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