Reading and re-reading Isaiah 25:6-9 it is impressed on us that this is one of the Bible’s high spots: ultimate, eternal reality is a banquet, with no expense spared, every provision made and, lest, there should be anything to mar our enjoyment of it, every tear dried (cf., Rev. 7:17). …

[F]irst, it is characteristic of our God to have such an end in view, to bring us to the enjoyment of it, and to spread all His heavenly riches out for our participation — ‘This is our God’ (v.9a). Secondly, this is what salvation is. Eternal bounty, the pure hilarious joy of the Lamb’s wedding breakfast, ‘the shout of them that triumph, the song of them that feast.’ ‘We exult in His salvation’ (v.9). Thirdly, it is a matter of confident and patient expectancy, a call to the upward and onward gaze, the eye trained on the skies for the appearing of the Son of Man, patient to wait, imminent and urgent in expectancy, sure in outcome.

— Alec Motyer, Isaiah by the Day, 126 (emphasis added).


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