Anac (Terza Rima)

My beloved is faithful to Me to me no more;
Righteousness with her is no longer welcome.
She has left Me for adultery’s mere sport.

Where once silver, she is now dross to the core;
She has reversed Cana’s water-jars of stone.
Justice, righteousness she willfully ignores.

But I have heard the widow and orphan groan;
I will have vengeance on all My enemies.
I will win back for Myself My lost betrothed.

The ore become dross refining fires will seize
And silver again in purity will shine.
The powerless oppressed will now have reprieve.

Her tepid water will become Cana’s wine
And sweetly, joyfully, she will ever sing:
“I am my Beloved’s, and my Lover, mine.”



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