Lover and Beloved

Wherefore what we have under consideration, is so much the more to be taken notice of; namely, that a person so great, so high, so glorious, as this Jesus Christ was, should have love for us, that passes knowledge. It is common for equals to love, and for superiors to be beloved; but for the King of princes, for the Son of God, for Jesus Christ to love man thus: this is amazing, and that so much the more, for that man the object of this love, is so low, so mean, so vile, so undeserving, and so inconsiderable, as by the Scriptures, everywhere he is described to be.

But to speak a little more particularly of this person. He is called God (John 1:1). The King of glory (Psa. 24:10) and Lord of glory (1 Cor. 2:8). The brightness of the glory of His Father (Heb. 1:3). The head over all things (Eph. 1:22). The Prince of life (Acts 3:15). The Creator of all things (Col. 1:16). The upholder of all things (Heb. 1:3). The disposer of all things (Matt. 28:18). The only beloved of the Father (Matt. 11).

But the persons of Him beloved, are called transgressors, sinners, enemies, dust and ashes, fleas (1 Sam. 24:14), worms, shadows, vapours: vile, sinful, filthy, unclean, ungodly fools, madmen. And now is it not to be wondered at, and are we not to be affected herewith, saying, And wilt thou set thine eye upon such a one? But how much more when He will set His heart upon us. And yet this great, this high, this glorious person, verily, verily, loveth such.

— John Bunyan, All Loves Excelling, 47.


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