Book Review: The Black Star of Kingston

Smith, S D. The Black Star of Kingston.

My place beside you,
My life for yours,
‘Til the Green Ember rises
Or the end of the world!

The second book of the Green Ember series is a prequel, looking to the story of famed rabbit Lord Blackstar, originally known as Fleck.

The Black Star of Kingston is a shorter book than The Green Ember, but it doesn’t lack for adventure or intensity. Smith’s storytelling is driven, striking the right notes of tenderness and action in all the right places.

Smith excels in the old adage of “show, don’t tell,” particularly when it comes to the virtues of the characters. We’re shown the beauty of loyalty and love. We feel the weight of guilt and heartache. We feel the excitement and fear of battle. We’re shown the honor of good, hard work and its inherent value, even in spite of how unglamorous or unnoticed it may be.

I finished The Green Ember curious about the series, but not yet sold. I finished The Black Star of Kingston sold on the series and curious when the next one is coming out.

This is a great story and series for kids of all ages.


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