Book Review: The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist

Bannister, Andy. The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist: On the Dreadful Consequences of Bad Arguments.

One of the lessons learned from RUF Summer Conference in my college days was this one-liner: There are no such things as airtight arguments; only airtight people. In fact, many arguments for many issues consist primarily of bluster instead of substance, and the arguments promoted by unbelievers today are no different.

Andy Bannister sets out to poke holes in the balloons of popular anti-theistic and anti-Christian arguments, often with humor that’s as dry as his logic is devastating. I even found myself anticipating a couple of his jokes and puns, which tremendously added to my enjoyment of the book.

As I’ve thought about apologetics over the years, I’ve reached the conclusion that its value is not merely in engaging with unbelievers, but also in bolstering the confidence of Christians. This is a very entertaining book–the puns are gloriously groan-inducing, and the dry humor is marvelous. But through it all runs the thread of a confident faith in Jesus that is not frightened by the Goliath taunts of the so-called New Atheists. The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist is an excellent stone from the stream to add to our pouch.


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