Triumph (Wulfkien)

“Hosanna!” hollered the heaving crowd,
Casting coats and cutting palm fronds
To lay along the Lord’s path.
“Hosanna in the highest!” they hailed
The Messiah, mule-borne yet mightier
Than Rome’s rebellious and bloody rule.

Rejoice, for Royalty humbly rides
To die an undeserved death,
For sinners’ sakes Glory stooped,
Penniless, to provide peace in this place.

“Crucify!” cried the ruthless crowd,
Spitting and spewing filth like slime.
Blaspheming, betraying, and breathing
Threats with throats opened through grace.
“Surely the Son of God is slain!”
But Death was denied and defeated.

Rejoice, for Royalty gloriously rises
To sit as Son in heavenly session
For sinners’ sakes Glory soared
Ascending to intercede for adopted sons.

“Kurios!” confesses the countless masses
Kneeling before the now-known King.
Robed in radiance, He reigns forever:
Glorious God and Guardian of His own.
Enemies eliminated and eternally bound,
Sorrows salved and sins atoned.

Rejoice, for Royalty graciously reigns
Divine delight deigns to welcome
Adam’s offspring into Eternal Love
Trinity triumphing in tangible glory.


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