Sons of Oil (Tennyson)

Awoken as from deep sleep I was shown
Between two olive trees, fertile and green–
The oil flowed golden, but no hand was seen–
A seven-lamped menorah made of gold.
By My Spirit.

The angel asked me if I knew these things,
But I denied possession of the truth.
So he told me, “This word I give to you
Is for Zerubbabel, the Signet Ring.”
By My Spirit.

“The mountain of hostility you face
Will before you become a level plain.
The work you started will not be in vain;
I will give greater glory in this place.”
By My Spirit.

“The day of small things you must not despise:
The seven eyes of Yahweh roam the earth,
And He alone, who made man from the dirt,
Can see significance through all of time.”
By My Spirit.

“So trust in Him, Zerubbabel, and lead,
With Joshua the Priest, His tender flock
To trust the One who only is our Rock,
To work and sweat because His smile has freed.”
By My Spirit.



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