Caesarea Philippi (Cyhydedd hir)

“Who do you say I am, prophet, Elijah, John the Baptizer, what say you?”

“The Son of God You are, the promised true
Son of David who saves us from sin!”

“Follow Me, begin
To see your pride end
Your own cross upend, and your life gain.

“Is it not yet plain
To walk in My train
From this world refrain
And find treasure?

“Wealth without measure
Not found in pleasure
But rather whether one would have Me?

“I’ll suffer many things, ultimately
Die, rise on Day Three, victory won!

“Come, daughter and son, find in Me the one who says, ‘It is done!’ Believe in Me!”


*This is based on the Welsh poetry form of Cyhydedd hir. It is based on 19-syllable stanzas, either a single line with internal rhymes or broken into couplets, tercets, or quatrains. What I’ve done is make a chiasm of the various stanzas, while keeping the 19-syllable basis and rhyme scheme.


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