2015 Reading List: Rejoicing in Christ

Reeves, Michael. Rejoicing in Christ.

Delighting in the Trinity is one of the most helpful, enlightening, and refreshing books I’ve read. This book (along with Fred Sanders’ The Deep Things of God) is the go-to book that I’d recommend to anyone wondering about the doctrine of the Trinity.

Rejoicing in Christ is the follow-up to Delighting in the Trinity, and it is as good as its predecessor. I’ve quoted one passage already, which hopefully gives a taste for the whole book. The goal, as the title indicates, is to present Jesus as the Bible shows Him, so that we are left amazed by Him and rejoicing in Him.

One particular discussion that stands out to me is the discussion of headship and firstfruits. One of the difficulties of the doctrine of original sin is its “unfairness”; why are we held accountable for Adam’s sin? Dr. Reeves answers with a very helpful connection to the biblical image of seeds.

Adam and Jesus are firstfruits. Fruit has seed in it, and that seed will grow into its own plant. “Thus what happens to the fruit happens to the seed,” Dr. Reeves teaches us. He even goes to the example of Abraham paying a tithe to Melchizedek; Hebrews tells us that Levi paid that tithe because he was in Abraham. Therefore, what happens to the firstfruit does affect the seed, because the seed is in the fruit.

As such, whoever is our firstfruit makes all the difference in the world. Because Adam fell, all the seed of Adam is fallen, too. Because Jesus is holy and righteous, all His seed is likewise holy and righteous.

Rejoicing in Christ continues Dr. Reeves’ emphasis that the Trinity is not an external feature of God, but His very nature. As such, the gospel does not give us some “third-party” substance or thing; the gospel gives us Jesus, who welcomes us into the love of the Trinity.

This is a very short book, but it packs some serious punch. This joins its predecessor as one I will quickly and frequently recommend.


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