Pass By (Spenserian Stanza)

“The glory of Your face let me behold!”
Atop Mount Sinai Moses made his plea;
His faithfulness to Yahweh made him bold,
But “Yes” to him was not Yahweh’s decree.
Before His face is no place of safety.
But “Yes” in diff’rent form did Moses hear:
His back as He passed by He let him see
His name, “I AM,” proclaimed as He drew near
Holy Shekinah shining forth both bright and clear.

Five thousand men and wives and children, too
With bellies full of borrowed fish and bread
Denied the chance to force Jesus to rule
He sent the Twelve across the lake instead.
While Jesus prayed, they became filled with dread;
A storm assailed the boat; the waves were high.
He was no midnight ghost, no scene misread,
But Jesus intended to pass them by.
I AM got in, said, “Fear not; it is I.”



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