2015 Reading Log: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Qureshi, Nabeel. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (SAFJ) is the story of an Ahmadi (neither Sunni nor Shia) Muslim who was confronted with hard questions and harder answers.

SAFJ offers more than the personal testimony of a Muslim convert to Christianity; it pulls back the curtain to show us the fundamental differences between Islam and Christianity. Qureshi writes in such a way as to honor his parents and family, while demonstrating the flaws and weaknesses of Islam’s claims about the Quran and Mohammed.

Qureshi’s college roommate and best friend, David Wood, began a long conversation about matters of faith and truth that eventually led to his being born again. (David Wood’s testimony is itself a remarkable and powerful tale; it can be seen here.)

Their conversation, which included other apologists and pastors, and other fellow students of various religious persuasions, was two-pronged. They agreed that the case for Christianity would be pursued by examining the resurrection of Jesus (Islam advocates the theory that Jesus passed out on the cross and later escaped the tomb when he came to and was freed). The case for Islam would consist of the perfection of the Quran and the unassailable character of Mohammed.

As the evidence was examined and considered, the reliability of the resurrection became inversely proportional to the reliability of both the Quran and Mohammed. The friendship between Nabeel and David was often a buffer that allowed them to endure the difficult seasons of faith-struggles; they were able to confront one another with tough questions that only deep friendship would allow.

SAFJ serves the Church in many ways, but the ageless reason to read it is to simply hear yet again that the gospel is indeed the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. Conversion from Islam to Christianity is deeply painful; Islam is interwoven into the tapestry of identity and family. Qureshi shows us the heartbreaking reality of what it means to forsake all to follow Jesus.

Another reason SAFJ is helpful for the Church is that it explains the vast divide between the Muslim and Western mindset. The two groups think and approach the world differently. The Western worldview is not the same as that of a Muslim, and seeing those differences reinforced for me that there is no political or philosophical solution to the strife within and against Islam in the world. The Gospel is the only answer to Islam; it is the only force stronger than the Quran and Mohammed.


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