2015 Reading Log: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Sproul, R.C. Who is the Holy Spirit?.

Since we’ve begun a series in Sunday School at Grace Community Church on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, I thought I’d check out Dr. Sproul’s Who is the Holy Spirit? in Ligonier’s Crucial Questions series. It’s an extremely short book (just over 70 pages) and can be read very quickly.

Dr. Sproul begins by defending the Holy Spirit’s personality and divinity, explaining along the way why He is named the Holy Spirit. Then he outlines in the succeeding chapters different aspects of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in the lives of believers: He is life-giver, advocate, sanctifier, anointer, and illuminator.

If you’ve had any exposure whatsoever to Dr. Sproul’s teaching, whether through audio/video or his books, you know he is an incredibly engaging teacher. His sharp theological prowess is matched by his sharp wit, and the two work together in a mutually reinforcing harmony.

This is not an intensive investigation into pneumatology (the study of the Spirit), nor is it intended to be. Its purpose is to introduce and condense, and Dr. Sproul does so very well without compromising.

The Kindle editions of the Crucial Questions series are available for FREE at Amazon (at least at the time of writing).


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