Sovereignty (Terza Rima)

The wickedness of Nineveh confronted
And demanded a reckoning from the One
Whom their wretchedness had affronted.

In His sovereignty He sent Amittai’s son
To go there and preach against that city vile
And warn them before destruction had begun.

Jonah’s silver paid the far and turned the stile
Boarding the Tarshish-bound ship God had prepared
To ride the seas He would with hurricanes rile.

The wet-pantsed sailors wept and screamed in despair
Their fear of sudden death drowned their fear of shame
Like all the ship’s cargo, they would not be spared.

They cast their lots to find out who was to blame
For the supernatural storm raging wild
The dice loaded by the LORD gave them the name.

Jonah, identified as one in the wrong
Gave testimony when all their questions pressed:
“A Hebrew, one of Yahweh’s, Creator strong.

“I know that I’m the culprit, as you have guessed;
Throw me overboard into the roaring deeps
If you really want this violent sea to rest.”

Leviathan’s companion swam up to keep
His assignment from the Maker of the sea.



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