Psalm Tweets (Book I, Round 3)

Psalm 1: To delight in Yahweh’s word, delight in the Word who was with God in the beginning–indeed, who is God Himself.

Psalm 1: Jesus is the Blessed Man, delighting in His Father’s word; only in Him do we escape the judgment we deserve.

Psalm 2: Our most devious, well-made plans of rebellion against God actually accomplish something: it makes Him belly laugh.
Psalm 2: Jesus is the Mighty King, ruling from Zion, who crushes all who oppose Him and defends all who trust Him.

Psalm 3: Jesus’ foes thought the cross proved God would not help Him; in fact, it proved “salvation belongs to Yahweh.”

Psalm 4: Jesus endured the roar of slander and silence of God that we might hear the roar of God’s love and the silence of sin.

Psalm 5: God’s favor is a shield circling His people, silencing the fiery accusations of the Devil and our consciences.
Psalm 5: Evil cannot dwell with God, so Jesus endured the Father’s wrath that we might rejoice in His refuge forever.

Psalm 6: Three hours of darkness. “My God, My God! How long?” “It is finished!” A torn curtain. “Yahweh accepts My prayer.”

Psalm 7: Jesus was thrown into the fiery furnace for us, that we could walk out without a singed garment or smell of smoke.

Psalm 8: We don’t see Eden, but we do see Jesus: made low like us, and crowned with glory and honor for His suffering in death.

Psalm 9: Wickedness and injustice will stand trial before the Just and Righteous Judge. All their victims find refuge in Him.

Psalm 10: The lurking Pharisees and Herodians plotted and pursued Him, but their arms were broken by the Forever-King Yahweh.

Psalm 11: Jesus ignored “If He trusts in God, let Him save Him!” because the Father was His refuge. And now He is ours.

 Psalm 12: Evil and accusation and guilt are only silenced by Good (Mk 10:18) and Forgiveness (Mk 2:7,10) and Peace (Rom 5:1).

Psalm 13: God raised Jesus from the dead in glorious victory. Neither death nor Satan had any claim on Him, so we sing in joy!

Psalm 14: We are lost, unable and unwilling to seek God. Jesus–deliverance from Zion–becomes flesh to go after us.

Psalm 15: Each line is designed to eliminate any possibility of hope in one’s own righteousness. Only Jesus’ passes the test.

Psalm 16: My deepest joy, my greatest good, my highest delight is found only in Jesus.
Psalm 16: My beautiful inheritance is rightfully Jesus’; because I’m adopted as His brother, we share it as co-heirs.

Psalm 17: The Righteous One overcame His enemies by being given over to them. He awoke to see His Father’s face; so will we.

Psalm 18: Tangled in the ropes of Sheol, Jesus’ cry reaches the true Temple in glory: “Father, forgive them. It is finished.”
Psalm 18: The Father rewards Jesus according to His righteousness, which becomes our breastplate behind the shield of faith.

Psalm 19: Jesus is both joyful Creator and glad Law-Keeper. Only through Him are our words and meditations acceptable to God.

Psalm 20: No chariot nor horse can satisfy both our needs and wants. Only Jesus satisfies, gladdens, fulfills, answers, saves.

Psalm 21: Our King Jesus is victorious! He is crowned and clothed with majestic splendor. He shoots His foes in the face.

Psalm 22: Jesus wasn’t saved from roaring lions so that by trusting Him we’d be saved from the lions to praise Him together.

Psalm 23: With Jesus as my Shepherd, I’m not bound to chase sin anymore–goodness and faithful love chase me.

Psalm 24: The mighty Maker is the victorious King.
Psalm 24: None meet the requirements to ascend to Yahweh’s house, but don’t hang your head in despair: He comes to us instead.

Psalm 25: Yahweh, unstained by sin, delivers from evil and leads in righteousness. Let us fix our eyes on Him!

Psalm 26: God raised Jesus from the dead, vindicating Jesus as truly righteous and His word as truly from the Father.

Psalm 27: Just as in Gethsemane, so it remains: the words “I am He” are enough to fell any foe who comes against us.
Psalm 27: Our hope is eternal life, now and then: “I am CERTAIN that I will see the LORD’s goodness in the land of the living.”

Psalm 28: Because Jesus has been raised from the dead, He saves, blesses, shepherds, and carries forever. #hebrews1320
Psalm 28: “He is a stronghold of salvation for His anointed”; who can storm the fortress and breach the walls of His salvation?

Psalm 29: The cedar-shattering voice of Yahweh tenderly speaks the blessing of peace to His people.

Psalm 30: His momentary anger fell on Jesus, and so we will be clothed with resurrection joy because of His forever-favor.

Psalm 31: Be what You are to me (31:2-3).
Psalm 31: By everyone else I may be forgotten and forsaken, but not by You, Jesus.

Psalm 32: It is our joy to be forgiven (1-2), and it is his joy to forgive (7). He is no reluctant Savior–it is His delight!

Psalm 33: Yahweh sees even into our hearts, and still “the earth is full of the LORD’s unfailing love.” So rejoice! Hope! Sing!

Psalm 34: You are worth more than sparrows and even more than lions; Yahweh will take care of you. Trust in Him!

Psalm 35: Those who seek my life are Wile E. Coyotes equipped with Acme bombs and traps; their schemes all backfire in the end.

Psalm 36: The mountains of the arrogant wicked become plains before the faithful love and faithfulness of Yahweh.

Psalm 37: I used to get so angry at the wicked prospering; “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

Psalm 38: I hate my sin! Get rid of it, not me; atone for me instead of abandoning me!

Psalm 39: Make me a student of the calendar, so that my joy may last longer than this brief life.

Psalm 40: Lazarus’ song.
Psalm 40: Those who seek You find joy and gladness and salvation, because though we are needy, “the Lord thinks of me.”

Psalm 41: Jesus the Anti-Judas silences all the Judases.


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