Grace Community Sunday School: Faith and the Days of Small Things

This past Sunday we resumed Sunday School at Grace Community Church, following up the series on the doctrine of Jesus that we ended in November 2014.

This series aims to discuss the life of faith in the magnificent Jesus seen in the Scriptures (and hopefully in the class), particularly in areas that seem too big or too little for us. What does trusting and worshiping Jesus look like in the music we listen to (or what we abstain from)? in the shows we watch (or abstain from)? What are helpful ways to start, continue, and end gospel conversations? What does honoring Jesus in the racial issues of our communities and world look like? What does being faithful to Jesus in the context of politics look like?

Sunday’s lesson was an introduction to these themes, using Zechariah 4 and Romans 14 as the foundation for our discussion. In Zechariah 4, the word to Zerubbabel is to trust in God, not one’s own strength in the temple rebuilding project. Zechariah is told to not scorn the “day of small things”–the mundane, trivial-seeming days full of things that look too small to be of any significance. “Big” things like temple reconstruction are made up of “small” things like putting bricks on top of one another.

When we follow Jesus, we can be overwhelmed by the enormity of the big things or dismayed by the monotony of small things. Zechariah 4 tells us to trust not in our own strength or might, but in the Holy Spirit’s work in and through us.

Romans 14 says that there may be multiple legitimate approaches to these big and small things. Paul says that our approach is to be the anti-Pharisee; instead of saying, “Thank you, God, that I’m not as vile as this tax-collector,” we say, “Thank you, God, for working faith and hope in me and all these people not doing it like me.”

I hope it’s a helpful class that gives us principles of wisdom for following Jesus in big and small, but also models for us how to live in love without feeling the push to cookie-cutter approaches to life with Jesus.

My notes and audio from the class are found here.


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