Wingfeather Hymn

Based on the Wingfeather Saga series by Andrew Peterson.

Though Fang of Dang or Troll of Plontst
Should crawl all over Skree;
Though bomnubble and toothy cow
Cause me, from them, to flee;

If Mighty River Blapp should dry
Sere, like the Woes of Shreve;
If, instead of Glipwood farmers,
Thwaps my totatoes eat;

The Maker of all Aerwiar,
Of Gladys and of Dwayne–
His glory in the Shining Isle
Is hid in Fiery Fane.

In Him will I trust all my days,
E’en if I’m with Stranders:
His love, deeper than dragon lair,
Shown by one named Janner.




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