Book III Tweets (Round 2)

Book III (Psalms 73-89), Round 2

Psalm 73: I was like Nebuchadnezzar in the field to doubt You, but You never let go of me. Your presence is my great treasure.
Psalm 73: Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

Psalm 74: Lock and load, mighty Yahweh! Defend Your name and save us from the oppression of sin and the evil one!
Psalm 74: He hacks up monsters to feed the animals; He digs springs and dries rivers. You can’t stand against Him, only in Him.

Psalm 75: Though the earth quakes with evil, Yahweh will steady everything. He will cut down the wicked and exalt His people.

Psalm 76: The best security system in the world can’t protect the strong man when Jesus comes to bind and plunder him.

Psalm 77: When I doubt God’s goodness, I recount His majesty and deeds, and I remember His power; all to talk sense to my soul.

Psalm 78: Willful forgetfulness is disaster; live as memorials to Jesus’ power and mercy so that His testimony is inescapable.

Psalm 79: We don’t ask for judgment to stop because it is unjust, but because we plead for atonement, which only You can make.

Psalm 80: Your hand was with Jesus; You made Him strong. Through Him You look on us with favor, and we are saved.

Psalm 81: Willful forgetfulness is longing for slavery; sing the stories of Yahweh’s salvation to fight for contentment in Him.

Psalm 82: God Himself takes account of every injustice, and He will bring down even the loftiest tyrant.

Psalm 83: Make Your enemies as stable as tumbleweed, until they seek You or perish in disgrace.

Psalm 84: Yahweh is a Grace-Shield and a Glory-Sun to everyone who takes refuge in Him.

Psalm 85: When Yahweh withdraws, there is gloom and death; when He returns, there is joy and salvation! Come quickly!
Psalm 85: Salvation is for rejoicing, for glory, for good.

Psalm 86: You are higher and greater than my assailants; prove Yourself mighty to them–and me!

Psalm 87: O how wonderful to be in the land of God’s love! O how marvelous to be a citizen of the country of His delight!

Psalm 88: Can You hear me now?

Psalm 89: You are a storm-calming, monster-crushing, praise-worthy, promise-keeping God; why does it now seem like You’re not? 


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