Jesus, Forever King

Jesus, Forever King
Psalm 2

You laugh at mankind’s feeble plans
To throw away Your reign;
For You have set on Zion’s hill
The King who bears Your name!

The nations are Your heritage,
But they have turned away;
Your scepter is a rod of iron,
You shatter them like clay.

Jesus, Forever King!
Ruler of the nations!
Jesus, Forever King!
God of our salvation!

While nations rage against Your name
We hope in You alone;
We trust in Him who will not fail
To bring us safely home.

Lord, You abound in faithfulness,
We sing Your steadfast love;
Our shield belongs to You, O Lord;
Defend Your name for us!

Jesus, Forever King!
Promised Son of David!
Jesus, Forever King!
Come to us and save us!

Our sorrows deep, our sins are dark
We’re burdened by our grief
But Jesus is the conquering King
And He will bring relief

Whatever threats against us rise,
Whatever Satan schemes,
All his accusing lies cannot
Prevail against our King!

Jesus, Forever King!
Maranatha, O Lord!
Jesus, Forever King!
Sustain us by Your word!


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