Book I Tweets

(See Books II, IIIIV, and V. Reminder: I started #psalmtweets in the middle of reading through the Psalms for the first of four times this year, so that’s why Book I comes last.)

Book I (Psalms 1-41)

Psalm 1: The life-giving word of Yahweh gives true, lasting delight. Scoffers play for a season and are swept away forever.

Psalm 2: Yahweh mocks the schemes of men; His anger is terrifying. He is a fortress of blessing for His children.
Psalm 2: Yahweh’s appointed King crushes those who hate Him and is the heart’s joy of those who love and fear Him.

Psalm 3: You lift my sorrow-heavy face with the smile of Your love, and You break the faces of all my enemies.
Psalm 3: Wherever my enemies are, Yahweh my Shield stands to defend me.

Psalm 4: Trust in Yahweh is the pillow for my weary soul. I will not lose sleep over the enemy’s assaults.

Psalm 5: Since You destroy wickedness on sight, Your faithful love is the only thing that keeps me alive.

Psalm 6: I am at my breaking point, O Yahweh! How long until You rescue me? I know You’ll answer me.

Psalm 7: Sit on the bench, O holy Judge, and declare the verdicts! Convict the wicked; carry out their sentence!

Psalm 8: The heavens aren’t enough to contain Your majesty, and You still care for a speck of dust like me!

Psalm 9: The wicked are forgotten forever, but we remember Yahweh because He remembers us.

Psalm 10: The Lord doesn’t delay His promise but is patient with you, not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance.

Psalm 11: When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay.
Psalm 11: “How can you say to Me, ‘Flee from that cross’? Yahweh is righteous and loves righteousness. I will see His face.”

Psalm 12: Refine the lies of the evil ones, and nothing is left; try Your word, and Your sheltering promises still stand true.

Psalm 13: Answer me! Stop ignoring me! Don’t leave me! While I wait for You, I’ll plan my celebration of Your deliverance.

Psalm 14: The devourers of God’s people will be destroyed, but there is joy and safety through repentance and faith in Yahweh.

Psalm 15: Spotless perfection is required to live in God’s presence. Only He has this righteousness; only He can give it.

Psalm 16: Solid joys and lasting treasures none but Zion’s children know.
Psalm 16: I will not waste time dabbling with sin; I will be sated with the joy of Your presence.

Psalm 17: Save me from all of Haman’s gallows and Darius’ lions. Show me Your face, and I am content just to be with You.

Psalm 18: Yahweh moves heaven and earth to save His beloved.
Psalm 18: The Righteous One is repaid according to His righteousness, which He uses to save the afflicted.

Psalm 19: You cannot escape God’s word–it is declared by saint and sky, and the message is one: worship Him!

Psalm 20: Yahweh’s hands are filled with strong victory, and He opens them to His people when the cry.
Psalm 20: Brag about your tanks and planes if you like, but we will brag about the strength of Yahweh our Savior.

Psalm 21: He who was consumed with loyal love for You will return to consume Your enemies in holy fire to save His brothers.

Psalm 22: Save Me to surround Me with the saints who sing Your praises! Sanctify My suffering for the sake of Your sons!

Psalm 23: Yahweh my Shepherd before me, goodness and faithful love behind me, blessings all around me. There is nothing I lack.

Psalm 24: Swing wide, you downcast doors! Open up, you dismayed gates! There IS one to go up to Yahweh for us: Yahweh Himself!

Psalm 25: Those who trust in You walk in Your ways; You conquer their sins and enemies by Your faithful love and truth.

Psalm 26: I have traded the blasphemies of the evildoers for choruses of thanksgiving to You. Don’t let them drown us out!

Psalm 27: My greatest desire is to be free from sin–theirs without and mine within–so I can live forever in Your presence.

Psalm 28: My Shepherd has not ignored my cry nor the wolves’ malice. They will get what they deserve; we will celebrate grace.

Psalm 29: Yahweh reigns in majestic peace over the chaotic flood; He reigns in fiery fury over the most steadfast forest.

Psalm 30: Yahweh trades with us: weeping for joy, lament for dancing, sackcloth for gladness, death for life.

Psalm 31: The Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, committed Himself to God to deliver all His own from their sin and sorrow.

Psalm 32: What joy there is in forgiveness! Why wait any longer to run to Him? He waits with love to take away your guilt!

Psalm 33: What good are armies and horses against the will of Him who spoke the universe into existence?
Psalm 33: What could overcome Him who stacks up the oceans in a pile to put them in their warehouse?
Psalm 33: From bluegrass to orchestras, from Hendrix to Clapton, Yahweh is worthy of the best pickers and players!

Psalm 34: Give us the suntan of joy; satisfy our souls with the safety of Your refuge.

Psalm 35: Take Saul’s armor off me and fight in my place. You will win the victory, and I’ll lead Your people in celebrating!

Psalm 36: However deep wickedness runs or however high it reaches, Yahweh’s covenant love is deeper and higher.

Psalm 37: All who run to Yahweh to be saved inherit His forever-favor; all who hate Him inherit destruction. Just wait and see.

Psalm 38: You have wounded me for my sins, and I deserved it. My enemies want to pour salt in the wound, so rescue me, my Hope!

Psalm 39: Save me from myself–deliver me from my sins, my worst enemies! Don’t let me end up like the wicked–I repent!

Psalm 40: Out of the pit of death God lifts His Servant, just as it is written in the scroll of the book. Rejoice and be glad!

Psalm 41: Though I eat supper with Judas, I will triumph in the end; I will sit with You in glory. Hallelujah forever and ever!


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