Book V Tweets

(See Books II, III, and IV here. Reminder: I started #psalmtweets in the middle of reading through the Psalms for the first of four times this year, so that’s why there’s no Book I. Yet. Patience, grasshopper.)

Book V (Psalms 107-150)

Psalm 107: Yahweh’s ears are attuned to the cries of His people in trouble; He hears and comes running to save!
Psalm 107: Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Can affliction? anguish? persecution? famine? nakedness? sword?

Psalm 108: I am so confident in my King Yahweh’s help, I’ll start praising Him before it even gets here.

Psalm 109: Though Judas and the Sanhedrin surround Me, I will still pour out My thanks to Yahweh, since He stands by Me.

Psalm 110: Yahweh’s King of Peace is a priest of blessing; He reigns while He waits, then He conquers to reign.

Psalm 111: Yahweh’s wonders are a university, where all who love Him are enrolled.
Psalm 111: The fear of Yahweh is Wisdom 101. Look at what (or Whom) we get to study!

Psalm 112: What does the fear of Yahweh look like? A happy, generous, confident faith in Him.

Psalm 113: From His exalted throne, Yahweh squints to see the universe, but the poor, needy, and barren never leave His gaze.

Psalm 114: When Yahweh comes to save and to judge, the mountains play hopscotch and the seas play hide-and-seek.

Psalm 115: Seeing ≠ believing. I see your idol can’t see, hear, or speak. Where’s Yahweh? In the heavens, doing all He pleases.

Psalm 116: How can I repay Yahweh for all the good He has done for me? By getting deeper in debt to His mercy.

Psalm 117: There’s no choir big enough–not even the whole world!–to sing Yahweh’s praises!

Psalm 118: The holiest holiday: the day when the builder-rejected Stone is laid as the Cornerstone. A day of joy and gladness!

Psalm 119 א: I wish I were as diligent to keep Your word as You are to give it! Nothing would make me happier!
Psalm 119 ב: Set Your word as guardrails for my road, so I can rejoice in Your freedom and be lost in thoughts of Your word.
Psalm 119 ג: The world may leave me and mock me, but You never do. Your word is wiser than royal advisors, and more delightful!
Psalm 119 ד: Your word keeps me alive when I think I can’t go on. I choose Your word, because You have proven it to my heart.
Psalm 119 ה: Lord, I believe; help my unbelief! I believe, O help me understand! Put blinders on my heart to only look to You!
Psalm 119 ז: Your word calms my heart in its distress; I burn with rage at the thought of anyone rejecting Your word.
Psalm 119 ה: Lord, I believe; help my unbelief! I believe, O help me understand! Put blinders on my heart to only look to You!
Psalm 119 ז: Your word calms my heart in its distress; I burn with rage at the thought of anyone rejecting Your word.
Psalm 119 ח: Your word cut the ropes of the wicked around me, and it bound me in chains of love to You.
Psalm 119 ט: It was Your word that taught me to trust You, that broke my hard heart, and that showed me Your goodness.
Psalm 119 כ: Your word is all that keeps hope alive; how long until You deliver me? When will You come to me?
Psalm 119 ל: Your word is as solid and reliable as the ground I stand on–more so, even! It has no end to its perfection!
Psalm 119 מ: Your word is higher education than any college, and a better teacher than any university: it keeps me from sin.
Psalm 119 נ: The wicked lay speedbumps and road spikes for me, but Your word guides me around them all.
Psalm 119 ס: Guard me from evil and evil ones, so I can concentrate on knowing and obeying Your word.
Psalm 119 ע: Rise up, O Yahweh, in defense of Your word and those who love both You and it! Strike down those who hate both!
Psalm 119 פ: Your word is wonderful–I can’t wait to get into it. My heart breaks because people don’t see it the same way.
Psalm 119 צ: I can find nothing in Your word that is impure, imperfect, or unrighteous. How can anyone not love it?
Psalm 119 ק: Day or night, it doesn’t matter: I cry out to You, and Your word is always there to answer and comfort me.
Psalm 119 ר: Afflictions and enemies assail me, but Your word gives me life. They will fade, but You and Your word remain.
Psalm 119 ש: All my hopes and all my loves are bound up in Your word; what can man do to me?
Psalm 119 ת: Hear my cries, hear my praise; sustain me by Your word so I can cry and praise again.

Psalm 120: I am lonely and homesick for truth and peace, but I’m stranded in the country of war and lies!

Psalm 121: Yahweh my help is no sleepy night watchman; He who made all things keeps me safe forever.

Psalm 122: Yes! An invitation to Yahweh’s house! A thousand times, yes!

Psalm 123: We servants look to Your hand, knowing we will receive mercy, not contempt. We’ve had all the contempt we can stand.

Psalm 124: I will be with you when you pass through the waters and the rivers; they will not overwhelm you. I AM, your Savior.
Psalm 124: You will not be scorched when you walk through the fire, and the flame will not burn you. I am Yahweh, your Savior.

Psalm 125: Because we trust in Yahweh, we are as secure as Jerusalem on a mountain surrounded by mountains.

Psalm 126: Hear this! The days are coming when the sower sowing tears will come back with a harvest of joy. #amos913

Psalm 127: When Yahweh builds a family, He builds an arsenal.

Psalm 128: Yahweh is generous with His blessings on those who fear Him: He gives blessings and makes them grow.

Psalm 129: Nothing will become of the evil of the wicked because Yahweh throws a wrench into their plans.

Psalm 130: I cry out to Yahweh and wait in hope for Him, because He remembers His covenant, not my sins.

Psalm 131: Unless you are converted and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Mt 18:3

Psalm 131: Don’t try to keep children from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of ones like this. Mt 19:14.

Psalm 132: Yahweh, Your promises to David are far greater than his promises to You.

Psalm 133: Our community drops with priestly intercession and glistens with dewy expectation of a life of blessing from Yahweh.
Psalm 133: There is one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all. #eph44-6

Psalm 134: Lift your hands in praise to bless Yahweh; keep them open to receive His blessing on you.

Psalm 135: Yahweh holds the keys to the warehouses of lightning and wind. What is it exactly that your idol does, again?
Psalm 135: Can you command the clouds so that a flood of waters covers you? #job3834
Psalm 135: Can you send out lightning bolts, and they go? Do they report to you: “Here we are”? #job3835

Psalm 136: Yahweh’s hesed–His faithful, covenant love–is forever. Hallelujah!
Psalm 136: We see Your creation, Your salvation, Your judgment, and Your blessing; what can we say but, “Your love is eternal!”

Psalm 137: My tears fall on foreign soil; my cries on deaf ears. May Yahweh’s fury fall on my oppressors!

Psalm 138: The higher Yahweh is exalted and the lower I am humbled, the closer He is to me.

Psalm 139: No one can hide where the great Seeker cannot find him.
Psalm 139: Yahweh, understanding Your thoughts is more impossible than counting grains of sand.
Psalm 139: Since I can’t hide from You, show me the sin that hides from me. O Seeker, make me a seeker of You.

Psalm 140: War rages all around me; O be my Shield, Holy Warrior!

Psalm 141: Station guards at my mouth and in my heart, so I won’t forsake you for wicked men and wicked desires.
Psalm 141: Throw the wicked rulers off a cliff, so the people can hear me speak of You.

Psalm 142: I’m so alone; everyone is trying to break me. Rescue me and surround me with Your people who are rich in Your grace.

Psalm 143: Bring me into Your faithful love, not the wrath I deserve.
Psalm 143: My enemies have dried me out until I’m a desert. Rain Your salvation on me!

Psalm 144: Strike down the enemy with the lightning from Your quiver so You can bless us with good–with You most of all.

Psalm 145: Time and words and generations are exhausted long before Your praise, O Yahweh!

Psalm 146: Why would you put your trust in a swirl of dust? Trust in Yahweh, Maker of Heaven and Earth!

Psalm 147: Yahweh names and numbers the stars, knowing they are innumerable to us. His wise power is for our good and His fame.
Psalm 147: The limitless power and knowledge of our God are used for blessing and faithful love to us, not to crush us!

Psalm 148: Wherever you look, wherever you go, whatever you see–all that praises Yahweh–and He’s worthy of it all and more!

Psalm 149: Sing and dance to the rhythm of His love; play your instruments to the beat of His delight: You are His pleasure.
Psalm 149: Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition!

Psalm 150: Let all creation echo a mighty HALLELUJAH!


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