Psalm Tweets: Book III

Having posted the list of my #psalmtweets from Book II of the Psalms (42-72), here are the tweets from Book III.

Book III (Psalms 73-89)

Psalm 73: You have to be stupid to think anyone can get away with evil without God noticing.
Psalm 73: Whatever I foolishly envied of the wicked, I find a thousand times more and a thousand times better in You, O Yahweh.

Psalm 74: Yahweh the Dragonslayer, do not leave us to the enemy! Defend us from the leviathans who hate You and mock Your name!

Psalm 75: Yahweh will shake the earth so hard the wicked will stagger like drunks and His saints will dance to the beat.

Psalm 76: When Yahweh arrives, everyone will be bowing down. Kneel now or He will break your knees.

Psalm 77: I will ask until You answer me; I will seek until You are found; I will knock until You open to Me.
Psalm 77: I recite Your past faithfulness in the present to kindle hope in the future.
Psalm 77: The seas shake in fear; the ground quakes, terrified. One day You’ll do the same to my troubles.

Psalm 78: O teach me! guard me! lest I am like Israel! Be patient with me, as with them, and send a Son of David to reign!
Psalm 78: If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.

Psalm 79: How long will You take out Your anger on us, instead of the nations who hate You?
Psalm 79: Rush to judgment on the nations who slander You; rush to mercy for us who long for You.

Psalm 80: You planted us; we grew. You tended us; we flourished. You cut us down for our sin. Plant and tend us again.

Psalm 81: Those who hate Yahweh can’t hear over their stomachs growling, but He fills His people with the best bread and honey.

Psalm 82: Corrupt judges may think they’re gods, but when Yahweh’s court is in session, justice is carried out.

Psalm 83: Turn the taunts of Your enemies into whimpers; may the fiery terror of Your wrath turn them from evil to fear You.

Psalm 84: I’m jealous of the birds who always get to come home to Your house.
Psalm 84: You use our tears to water the valleys; our sorrow is the fertilizer for the harvest of Your blessing.

Psalm 85: Return to us, O Yahweh, so we can return to You.
Psalm 85: We’re RSVPing in advance to the double wedding of hesed and truth, righteousness and peace!

Psalm 86: Put hesed-blinders on me, to keep me on course to live in Your truth.
Psalm 86: Tell my enemies, “He’s with Me,” so they will be embarrassed and I will be comforted.

Psalm 87: What a glorious thing it is to be from Zion–to be registered as a citizen by Yahweh Himself!
Psalm 87: Zion’s block parties all blast the same song at full volume: “All my fountains are in You.”

Psalm 88: I cry and shout, but You ignore me and leave me for dead.

Psalm 89: Did the expiration date on Your promises to David run out? Have they gone bad like out-of-date milk? No, it can’t be.


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