Psalm Tweets: Book II

Ben Myers (@FaithTheology) has had some very interesting Twitter projects (no, “interesting” and “Twitter” are not mutually exclusive) recently. Following his #canonfodder series of tweets summarizing each book of the Bible, he began #psalmtweets for each of the Psalms. Since I’m reading through the Psalms this year, I thought it would be a good exercise in thinking through the Psalms as I read them.

The book of Psalms is divided into five books (these are usually indicated in modern Bibles). Book I contains Psalms 1-41; Book II, 42-72; Book III, 73-89; Book IV, 90-106; and Book IV, 107-150.

My reading plan (there will be a future post about it) takes me through the Psalms four times this year. When I first saw Ben’s project, I was already at Psalm 41. Thus, I began with Book II of the Psalms; I plan to tweet the psalms each time I go through the book. That way, I can compare what I saw and gleaned in them each time through.

The goal with each tweet is to either summarize the Psalm into its core content, or to focus on a particular theme or image from the Psalm. I hope that each tweet helps me to think about them more deeply and help me remember the Psalms better. I hope it does for any who read them as well.

Book II (Psalms 42-72)

Psalm 42: Floods of tears and waves of divine discipline are no match for the still waters of Yahweh’s faithful love.

Psalm 43: The darkness of the enemy’s oppression flees from the light of Yahweh, my joy.

Psalm 44: Even if we are faithless, He remains faithful. We will trust Yahweh even when it seems like He is faithless.

Psalm 45: The Warrior-King reigns and rejoices in majesty; He welcomes His glorious Bride into His joy.

Psalm 46: The nations may quake, but their raging isn’t scary. Yahweh of Hosts says to all the earth, “Peace, be still.”

Psalm 47: The stairs to God’s throne are built with the praises of His people.

Psalm 48: The glad worship of Yahweh is the ultimate spectacle the world can behold.

Psalm 49: Death is neither impressed nor bribed by wealth; God isn’t either. Redemption has a different currency.

Psalm 50: God is not a bureaucrat, needing the rubber stamp of our offerings. Yahweh is a consuming fire.

Psalm 51: Holy Judge, whatever sentence You pronounce is true. Execute my sin instead of me.
Psalm 51: I am Naaman, pleading to dip in the muddy waters of Your mercy, so that You may be known as Pure and Holy.
Psalm 51: Please settle out-of-court with me; I cannot and will not survive a trial.

Psalm 52: The divine Gardener has both Miracle-Gro and Roundup, and He uses both perfectly.

Psalm 53: Though the wicked devour the righteous like bread, they will spit them out like the great fish and Jonah.
Psalm 53: Atheism is ultimately a matter of the heart, not the intellect. Willful rejection leads to destruction.
Psalm 53: The wicked are the oblivious in a horror flick: the ominous music is playing louder, but they have no clue…

Psalm 54: Go nuclear on my enemies, O God.

Psalm 55: My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? Into Your hands I commit My spirit.

Psalm 56: Yahweh feels every oppressor’s trampling boot and saves all of my tears in His bottle. I will trust and not fear.

Psalm 57: You hear my prayer in the lions’ den, lift me out, and throw my enemies in instead. My heart sings Your wonders!
Psalm 57: You have defanged and declawed the snarling, circling lions, and You fill my heart with songs of gladness.

Psalm 58: The wicked are a featherweight boxing Ali; the righteous cheer when the true Greatest breaks their faces.

Psalm 59: Make an example of the wicked, so that the world can join in the glad songs of wonder and praise.
Psalm 59: Tho’ this devil-filled world should threaten us, we will not fear: God hath willed His truth to triumph through us.

Psalm 60: Do not turn us over to the enemy and fight against us! If You don’t help us, Yahweh, no one can save us!

Psalm 61: We are all weak and sinful Hezekiahs who can’t overcome sin. We need a Forever-King to reign! #isaiah38 #isaiah39

Psalm 62: Build your house upon the Rock, and you will never be shaken.

Psalm 63: I was thirsty; You gave me living water and fine wine. I was starving; You gave me a royal feast from Your table.

Psalm 64: The swords and arrows of the wicked’s words are dull and bent. The Word of God is a sharp sword; His arrows fly true.

Psalm 65: We give You praise that is rightfully Yours; You give us overflowing riches of blessing that we never deserved.
Psalm 65: You answer cries for mercy with floods of blessing. Your power is shown in grace as well as wrath.

Psalm 66: Listen! Listen! Their story is my story, and it can be your story, too! God has saved; He is saving; He will save!

Psalm 67: Your blessing is the tuning fork, harmonizing our praise into a globally contagious, joyful song.
Psalm 67: Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, tune our hearts to sing Thy grace.

Psalm 68: Yahweh’s enemies flee from Him like dogs with tails tucked between their legs. We will not fear–He is our salvation!

Psalm 69: Rescue Me, Yahweh, for I am drowning under this weight of sin! O you His faithful ones, hope in His salvation!

Psalm 70: He who seeks You can’t help but be glad; those saved by You can’t be quiet about You. Hurry, so I can join them!

Psalm 71: Though gained through much suffering, my heritage is Your faithfulness, and I gladly pass it along to those after me.

Psalm 72: We pray for a King, O God: strong, compassionate, righteous, and blessed. You alone are our only hope for such a one.


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