Beneath the Almighty’s Own Shadow I Live (Psalm 91)

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O LORD, the Land of Abraham (Psalm 85)

O LORD, the land of Abraham
Has felt Your favor once again
The fortunes of Jacob restored
As the captives’ exiles end.
Forgiven, we are forgiven
All our sins are atoned by You
Your holy fury has been spent
Away from us Your wrath has moved.

Turn back to us, O Salvation,
O let us see Your smiling face.
May we not fear Your displeasure,
May we be made new by Your grace.
Revive us, LORD, revive us LORD!
May Your own people now rejoice,
Show us Your faithful love and word
And give glad songs in us a voice.

We must not trust our feeble thoughts,
Our feelings or our failing deeds,
But to the promises of God
We listen that we may believe.
You declare peace, You declare peace
To us, held by Your strong right hand
Your salvation is very near
That glory may dwell in our land.

Your faithful love embraces truth
The two are joined in one accord;
Your righteousness and peace are ours
The gifts of grace from You, our Lord.
Truth will rise up, righteousness rain
In blessing-showers on the land.
Righteousness goes before the One
Who will lead us by God’s own hand.