The Size of a Man’s Hand

The speckling concrete
darkening slickening
Silver streaks
falling glistening
Parched sere



153 (Quintilla)

A breakfast of grilled fish and bread
Already prepared, even though
You’re invited to add your own
To the meal I myself have spread.
But one more thing I have to show.

One hundred fifty-three is more
Than seven men could ever eat––
And that’s just food! I have in store
Greater kindness than any door
Could hope to contain: you will see.

Like the death-knell tolling three times
You hear me, and tears fill your eyes,
But I am here to heal, not damn.
I am sending you, and you can
Know My love will always abide.


What is a Quintilla?

20 (Rime Couee)

Nor bolted doors nor drowning eyes
Can dam the sun’s rays when they rise.
O Mary, hear your name!
Let go for now; one day you will
Sit and feast with Me to your fill,
For you, too, will be changed:

Incorruptible, just like Me,
Unhindered by sin’s foul deeds;
You’ll be made new, made whole.
Go tell our brothers, yours and Mine:
The light of this First Day shines
On you, so tell them. Go!

Run, John, run, but when you arrive,
Wait––Peter’s holding his sides,
Slower, gasping for breath.
Look in and see, all is empty:
The tomb, the clothes; the air is free
Of the rank stench of death.

The world has changed; it marches on
To its appointed end and song.
Like Mary, hear your name.
Like Peter and John, look inside
And see the grave clothes laid aside
And never be the same.


What is a Rime Couee?

The Mine (Cyhydedd Naw Ban)

The adit stands open, promising
Its rich vein to those whose axes ring.

Any sense of the shafts’ scale is lost
In the echoing chambers of stone.
Some find gems just lying on the ground;
Others grunt, sweat, weary, having found
Wealth of unimaginable cost,
Worth the back-breaking labor to own.

Some pan for gold, rejoicing at each
Hard-won ounce and nearly missed nugget:
Treasures to make monarchs’ pale, in reach,
Carts loaded with dubloons and ducats.

This wealth outlasts enfortressed bullion,
Though rarely accepted as tender;
Vast dividends and returns rendered
To those who come empty and barren.


What is a Cyhydedd Naw Ban?

Receive Tribute (Rondelet)

Receive tribute!
Command praise from your devotees.
Receive tribute!
If you hear it, bless them, O mute.
Lift them with your wooden hands; see
With your carved eyes their loyalty.
Receive tribute!

Receive tribute!
From those from death You have redeemed.
Receive tribute!
Life that lasts eternity through
We will gladly give You glory
We will trust You, our help and shield.
Receive tribute!


What is a Rondelet?