Now That It’s Done (Dickson Nocturne)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #13: View Poem

It’s too hard not to see
The world differently—
Now that it’s done.
Everything is clear
And dark and sharp: one year
After another year,
Now that it’s done.
Heights seem to be higher,
Depths burn with darker fire,
Pains are bludgeons,
But the breaks inspire
Now that it’s done.




Raskolnikov Awakes (Sacred Signia)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #20: Dark Poem

The wicked flee when no one is chasing,
The Preacher said.
Why am I here in my bedroom pacing,
Filled with such dread?
I hate everyone! Leave me alone!
This aching head!
The evidence hidden under a stone:
Why should I be worried? Not a soul knows.
I am left with nothing but retracing
My steps; no hope of a friend’s embracing.


What is a Sacred Signia?


Government (Terzanelle)

How do you feel when you hear there’s a king?
One who conquers the nations and who reigns
On high with happiness unwavering?

Do you clap your hands? Does your heart feel pangs
At the thought of a Sovereign like this?
One who conquers the nations and who reigns

Lives in eternal, unchanging bliss
And blesses His people with His love.
At the thought of a Sovereign like this

What melody gushes out, when hearing of
Authority with kindness, power that serves
And blesses His people with His love?

What response would such a king deserve?
We should behold in laughing wonder
Authority with kindness, power that serves,

Glory that eagerly soothes and thunders.
How do you feel when you hear there’s a king?

We should behold in laughing wonder
On high with happiness unwavering.


What is a Terzanelle?

Catch His Eye (Spenserian Stanza)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #16 (Two for Tuesday): Catch Poem or Release Poem

You don’t have to wonder if you’ll catch his eye;
Forget makeup; forget the fancy clothes.
There’s no need to fuss; there’s no need to try
To get or keep his attention; he knows
Precisely who you are, and even though
He bears no obligation to notice you
He sets his affection on you and throws
Off hindrances to believing he’s true
And destroys your fears that his love will ever cool.



What is a Spenserian Stanza?

Discovery (Zejel)

Lindbergh flew alone across the sea
And lived to greet the Apollo 8 team
That flew across another sea.

We’ve landed on a comet
And photographed Pluto––the planet––
And imaged a black hole, a target
Bigger than the one in our galaxy.

What will our children see unveiled?
And their grandchildren, what tales to tell!
What fresh draughts to draw from the well––
If we’re still looking, what will we see?



What is a Zejel?


Poem-a-Day Challenge #14: State Poem

May the waters that shape us,
that define us,
that reflect the stars above,

Always flow with compassion,
that volunteer spirit
that defends adobe churches
from invading generals of
mendacity and meanness,

even at the cost of our lives.

May we wipe away the rivers of tears
we have caused,
and look out from the mountain
to see hope ahead.



The Art of Hanging On (Kloang)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #12: Art of __________

It’s not science     to keep
Holding; gravity     expends
All its energy      to pull
Down, experience     the fall in full.

Science calculates     friction,
Mass, height, inertia:     Your fate
Computed, vision      clearing.
Cold data awaits,     no help appearing.

Hanging on is art:      to see
Hope when all is bleak,     apart
From math, data. Be     stronger
With gifted love, thwart     gravity longer.


What is a Kloang?


To Lefty (Ottava Rima)

Poem-a-Day Challenge #11: Dedication Poem

Living in a chilly Cleveland hotel––
With its quiet echoes of memories––
Has to be its own special kind of hell:
Singing the blues all night can’t set you free.
The old grays’ stories of kindness retell
Their own sad, dusty, difficult stories.
The wind as cold as Pancho makes you face
The one thing you need most: forgiving grace.



What is an Ottava Rima?